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Welcome to Carrollton Federal Bank


Phishing is the practice of sending an e-mail that appears to be from a financial institution with the goal of persuading online banking users to share sensitive information that can be used to commit fraud or identity theft.  The criminals that sent out this e-mail copied our logo and imitated the “look and feel” of our messages to try and persuade online banking users that the e-mail was genuine. We did NOT send this message.

If you responded to the message by sharing personal financial information,please contact us immediately by phone (the number is listed below for your convenience). We will give you instructions for changing your password and taking other steps to protect your accounts. Always remember that we will NEVER ask you to click on an e-mail link to share sensitive financial information. Please notify us whenever you receive a suspicious e-mail or have any other form of unsolicited contact from individuals seeking personal information about your accounts.

CONTACT US AT 502.732.4272

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  FDIC Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator click here.

If you have lost or had your debit card stolen please call 877-849-5533

We are a mutually owned bank that prides ourselves in customer service and giving back to the community, since 1875.  With over 135 years in the banking industry we understand the wants and needs of our community.  We offer a variety of deposit and lending products to meet our customers every need.  Come by today to speak with an experienced member of our friendly staff. 

    Carrollton Federal Bank is the oldest financial institution in Carroll County.

Our Vision is to continue our long standing tradition of exceptional customer service  that meets and exceeds all customer and community expectations.  





“When we sin, we tend to immediately race to the fact that we are forgiven and dismiss it as a minor thing.  This belittles what Christ suffered on the cross and is liken to spitting in His face.  Yes, we Christians are forgiven, but to presume upon this is to take advantage of that forgiven state and should make us question our very salvation.  If we are this care-free and unchained as to sin without remorse, maybe we should examine whether we are truly chained to the Savior at all.” Anonymous

Blessed are they that mourn:  for they shall be comforted.
                                                                                        Matthew: 5:4


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